By Evergreen

My phone reading by Nicole was informative and inspiring. Her kind and friendly demeanor put me at ease, and she gave me some great advice that I am acting on. She gave me a new perspective to look at myself and helped me understand why I was experiencing the world in a certain way. I recommend her!


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Thank you for reading for me. I found this reading excellent, thank you.  You are sooooo right, yes we have big changes coming into our lives.  All in all you have read me well and thank you.  You said I have 3 clarifying questions. To be quite honest you have told me so much, I don't think it need clarifying.


It was a pleasure talking with you. You are truly a pleasant and caring person.
Thanks for the reading. Thanks for clarifying some things for me and offering advice on some troubling issues. After talking with you, I know what path I need to take. I will be in touch. Thank you.


 I always enjoy your reading, it's more than a reading, like a good cup of tea to warm the soul...The cards answer a lot of questions and I do agree with it... 

I have been using Tarot Reading By Evergreen for a few years now, and this would be my third time booking my yearly forecast with Nicole. She hits the spot every time; this is my yearly guidelines. I can not live without it, especially when there is something you can avoid. I am anxiously awaiting my 2017 forecast; come rain or shine, The Reading will be done well; Nicole is fully aware of what it takes to make a customer happy; and she is truly experienced... KMJ


What wonderful guide you are - THANK YOU !!!  It was so true to the facts of what became both a nightmare and a blessing at the same time.


I'm so thankful to have met you. I think you are a sweet lady who truly cares about the people that request your services. I felt completely at home at yours. I'm still trying to process all information. Although sad, all I want to hear is the truth... always.raph here.


Nicole (Evergreen) knows what she is doing.  I can't wait for my next reading with her.


Thank you for reading for me and for listening to me ramble about how crumby my life is at the moment!



Tarot Reading

Loved, loved, loved the reading!  It helped me so much and clarified this relationship for me to help me really understand it.


I have just received your reading in response to my general question on spiritual growth. I am thrilled with it. It didn’t just cover the question I asked, but dug deeper into things that happened to me 67 years ago - things that very few people know about me, and could only have come to you through the spirit world. Not only that, but you also guided me along a path to help me to clear the excess baggage I have been carrying all these years. I am most grateful to you for this depth and for the thoroughness of your reading. Thank you so much.

Best regards, Neil C.

Evergreen is the real deal.... I've known her a few years now. She is a person of integrity and is right on with her readings. She as done several for me. The last one was very intriguing... Upon the reading we weren't sure about some of the information was delivered correctly, but within two weeks it all unfolded exactly as she read for me. I highly recommend her expertise! Blessed be to all who read!

Seravina Dupre 

I had the pleasure of having a reading from Evergreen.  She was amazing.  Her reading not only was right on but very caring and supportive.  Her knowledge and depth showed me how very unique she is.  The reading touched on issues and gave ideas for resolution.  I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks Truth, understanding, and the advice that a mature, spiritual counselor can offer.

Mickie GK, Dallas TX

I had evergreen do a general reading and she helped make sense of my past; answering questions I never thought would be answered.

Richard Comer

I recently had the pleasure of a Tarot reading from Tarot Readings By Evergreen.  The reading gave me insight and guidance on an important issue that had been troubling me for some time. After the Reading, I understood what my problem was and also how to deal with it. I can highly recommend this excellent Tarot reading service!

Lara Houston

She was very friendly, I enjoyed my session. She helped me find out about my curse and got into the details of how it affects my life. I do wish that I had written everything down before, so I could get the most out of my hour.

Christian C.

I got my 11 card reading, and it was more than I expected. It was not that Evergreen just got through me, she also advised me.  By interpreting the cards, she advised me on other matters that can influence my future; and not just concerning my question.

Through the cards, she has seen parts of my past lives; which explains a lot about me, my personality and my destiny.  When it comes to the future, not only she has predicted the outcome, but also the duration of the outcome, and around what time (this was of high importance to me) and how am I to be in my outcome - happy or not happy.   All I have to do now is wait, I guess, for things to take their course; but I am relieved that at least now - I know; a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

Thank you,
Glykeria Fateka

Thank you, you've put a lot of my fears and worries to rest.  In addition. you channeled information from some of my deities.  You picked up on references about my spiritual self; there was no way you could have known.  Bear in mind, this is coming from a secretive occultist with a little bit of unverified Personal Gnosis.  The simple question I asked was answered. What's more is you also gave me information relayed by spirits very dear to me that was essential to my spiritual growth.  I would recommend your readings to anyone.  At first, I was a tad skeptical about you asking to know the specific question.  I saw first-hand evidence that you use the specific question to hone in and uncover more than the question.  It thoroughly impressed me how you took a simple layout and uncovered profound advice.  Normally, I would not consider paying for tarot readings.  In your case, however, I'll gladly make an exception.  Thank you for your time, and reading.

Sincerely, Penelope.

I REALLY encourage anyone who needs clear direction and answers to get in touch with the Lovely Evergreen for a reading. She is linked in awesomely to help you with questions you have, as well as paths you may not yet have thought of! All readings for me, were absolutely perfectly given in love and care. I SO appreciated the depth and personalized readings she took the time to do for me. I cannot recommend her enough to one and to all.

Abbey Clark

There are instances when tarot cards are read and you're expecting to be told something else. Perhaps you're expectations were on one thing and then the cards say something totally different. But when you delve deep inside, you know to stop kidding yourself; because tarot was telling you what you needed to hear or who you really are. Eve did that with her reading to me; and even though my question was one of many that people ask, she was able to read deeper into my question.  She was able to tell me about myself that I already knew but expected or wanted it to be different. This reading put things in perspective for what I need to do in the future.

Mary Ann 

Thank you Evergreen, my reading was soooooo accurate. I am the type of person that keeps EVERYTHING bottled up and you got things that no one else knows. You are truly gifted. I feel so honored that you read for me. Thank you for giving me confirmation of what spirit has been telling me. Blessings to you,

R-E. H.

Evergreen is a superb reader.  I have a very poignant issue and i submitted some questions to her.  Evergreen answered each question well and thoroughly.  She saved  me years of trying to find an adequate answer. Evergreen is extraordinarily empathetic, and i felt safe and comfortable with her. She respects one's privacy and feelings, and treats any and all with respect and dignity.  I highly recommend Evergreen for any and all readings.