By Evergreen

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

Tarot Reading

About Me:

I am a Tarot Master with 52 years experience.  I read the Tarot and Oracle cards with knowledge of several Tarot Systems.

My qualities as a Tarot Reader:

  • I am a naturally gifted Intuitive/Medium/Psychic who is also a knowledgeable and skilled Tarot Reader.
  • I offer truthful, understanding, and caring Tarot Readings.  I am open and honest, and I maintain the integrity of my profession.

The nature of my practice: 

I use a combination of approaches during my readings, such as knowledgeable tarot interpretations,  naturally gifted Intuition/Mediumship/Psychic abilities.

I create a protective and sacred space in which I surround our energies with a white and red spiritual protection shield.  Within this sacred space of mine, there is incense, crystals and stones, a crystal ball, and a white candle for clarity.  I type out my interpretation of the cards, as I read them.

The tools I use:
 I use real Tarot Cards, a Crystal Ball, aPendulum, crystals and stones, and Rune Crystals.

My belief: 
I believe that you have the free will to shape your own destiny.  With a Tarot Card Reading from me, you can better find out and understand what is happening to you; and how to implement changes so you can shape your own destiny...