How Often Should You Have A Reading?

This is up to personal preference. There are those that are satisfied with turning to a Tarot Reading once per year, while others utilize these spiritual gifts weekly or monthly for guidance.

- You can learn what action is needed in your situation
- You can better see and understand yourself and your situation
- You can get guidance, so to create change in your life
- You can better understand the energies
and forces at work in your life.​

What Can You Gain?

- wen you want an overview of your life in general
- when you need to make a decision
- when you are faced with a challenge
- when you have a problem to resolve
- when you need to have confirmed
what you have sensed intuitively ​

When Should You Ask For A Reading?

With a Reading from me, you can better find out and understand what is happening to you and how to implement changes so you can shape your own destiny...  I truly believe that you have the free will to shape your own destiny. 

When You Are Seeking Answers

Tarot Reading

Email Past Life Reading: $40.00 

Email Tarot Horoscope:  $60.00

Isui Reiki Healing - Online:


For a reading at my home:


Types of Readings

Email General Reading:  $40.00

Phone Consultation:        $50.00

Phone Mediumship:         $75.00

Email Dream Interpretation:                                                             $65.00

Relationship Reading:     $75.00

By Evergreen